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Anthony James, Halifax

Garry Farr

“3·6·5 has given us the confidence to grow from eight styling stations to 16. We also won silver in the 2017 Yorkshire Region of the British Hair and Beauty Awards for Excellent Customer Service and bronze in The Salon of The Year. All this is down to what we have learnt from 3·6·5.”

Nutters Hairdressing, Cambridge

Julie Caporaso

“When I first joined 3·6·5 I felt so alone running my business with no direction...every time I attend a course I feel my problems are resolved and we all as salons owners have been in the same situation at some point in our careers.

Really looking forward to working along side 3·6·5 in 2017!”

The Willows, Westmead

Sam Holden

“I wanted to let you know how great I think the Bookkeeping package that I bought from you whilst attending your Budget Master course is.

I had been using Kashflow which I found really complicated.

The Bookkeeping package has changed everything and I now do the book work each week. I almost look forward to it!  The program is so clear and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Obsessions, Ramsgate


“After realizing that I was an "Upper" in my own business (open upper, locker upper and casher upper) I decided to seek help in how to actually run a business! 

Joining 3·6·5 was to date the best business decision I have made.

Following the advice and using the systems provided by 3·6·5 we more than doubled our salon’s average bill in 18 months.

The Business Builders give me the tools to make my business work. The coaches share success secrets to making the tools work and the 3·6·5 team have given me the support to implement all that I have learnt, taking my business, my personal self and my team to another level! 

I really can’t thank them enough.”

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