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Your Spring Boutique 2019

Recap on this year's event in Daventry

A round up of our Opal and Graduate Member annual event;
this year held at the historic Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa

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Beverly C MBE

Award-winning Hairdresser and Consultant

Award-winning Beverly C MBE (formerly Beverly Cobella) joined us to host a Sunday workshop at this year's Business Boutique. She is passionate, as is 3·6·5, in raising the standards within the industry. Beverly shared her expertise on emotional intelligence with your clients, and how it plays an integral role for professional and personal success.

Jen Morley

Salon Owner, Obsessions Salon

Jen coaches regularly on our Business Builders where she gives back to this wonderful industry that we all love. Jen worked on getting you to think about how you can make social media work for your salon business. From filters to apps that can support scheduling, she shared what worked for her (and what didn't!) to give you key takeaways to grow your own online presence.

Daniele Fiandaca

Co-Founder, Utopia

Daniele is co-founder of Utopia, a culture change business that re-wires organisations for the Age of Creativity. Utopia's purpose is to create more purposeful, more inclusive and more entrepreneurial cultures. Clients include Coca-Cola, European Partners, LEGO, Universal Music and Virgin. Daniele joined us at Business Boutique for his presentation 'Age of Creativity'. He explored why he believes we are about to enter this new age and how the creative superpowers of 'Hacker', 'Maker', 'Teacher' and 'Thief' will be the difference between thriving and surviving. 

David Calicchia

Salon Owner, Stunt Dolly

David Calicchia from eco-friendly East London hair salon, Stunt Dolly, situated in the heart of Dalston, joined us on Monday for a Q and A session with Ken. Stunt Dolly’s ethos is to deliver style and substance without compromising guests’ wellbeing. Consideration for the planet and its animals drives every decision they make - ethical, organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Gender neutral, community supporting, animal friendly and education focused - these are the foundations of the salon brand, and the values that underpin the quality of the bespoke services they offer. David shared his journey from concept to successful business; sharing the ups and downs he has encountered along the way; the importance of team and branding; as well as how 3·6·5 Salon Education has helped define where the business is today.

Carolyn Sweeney

Salon Owner, Creations

Carolyn is a much-loved 3·6·5 Coach who successfully manages a dedicated team in her Chichester-based salon, Creations. Carolyn always has a plan. She knows what will be happening to both her team and her salon up to two years ahead. Carolyn delved into the world of retail and more.

Ken West

Director of 3·6·5, Salon Success

You all know him, our Don of 3·6·5 and Director of 3·6·5 Education, Ken West. At the helm of 3·6·5, Ken steers the club, team and members to continue to be passionate about the hairdressing industry and raising standards within it. Ken believes that the next few years will, and should, see massive changes in our industry. Remember the expression, ‘Some make it happen, some watch it happen and some say what is happening?’, Ken is in no doubt about the option that every 3·6·5 member should choose.

Simon Tickler

Managing Director, Salon Success

As well as his take on what is going on in the economy, this year Simon’s presentation took on the topic of positioning and messaging. With the current challenges small businesses face, knowing your brand and what makes you different is imperative. Talking about ‘the why’, ‘the how’ and ‘the what’ of your messaging, Simon delved into how we can make our guests feel part of something special.

Em Stallard

Co-Director of 3·6·5, Salon Success

As Co-Director of 3·6·5 Salon Education, Em Stallard is no stranger to the stage, coaching regularly at Business Builders and speaking at conferences. Over the past few months she has been working closely with Ken to update the manual controls for Stylist Income Forecast, Cash Flow, Management Trackers and pricing. Em shared ‘from this’ to ‘this’ of key tools that you should be using in your salon. She also discussed the major changes that have taken place and affected businesses this year including Making Tax Digital (MTD) and Pensions changes.

What else did we share?

Touchpoints and Hair Reborn

This year saw two exciting launches at Business Boutique - Joe Milazzo from Esente launched his amazing programme, Hair Reborn and Ken launched the evolution of 5-Step; Touchpoints, on stage with Harriet Rycroft from Twenty Four Hair in Princes Risborough.


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